Constructed and implemented an enhanced Maintenance Management Operating System (MMOS) for FMS Diesel Mobile Maintenance (1)


  • MOS
  • Availability
  • MTBF
  • MTTR
  • Performance Management
  • CMMS Data Improvement
  • Effective Inspections
  • Bad Actor Management
  • Shift Change Management
  • Work Management Process (planning)
  • Supply Chain Stockout Alarm System
  • Pre-PM
  • PM Routines
  • 5´s
  • Pit Stop Green Flag System
  • Flexibility Matrix
Driver Goal
  • To improve efficiency, predictability and reliability within the Mobile Maintenance area and equipment.
  • To improve Maintenance planning and operational effectiveness.
  • The delivery of the training and coaching required to enable the changes in behavior needed to ensure the sustainability of the operational improvements.
Up to Week 16
  • Achieved Short range drilling availability to 93% for June. 9 points above the target, and long range drilling availability to 87% for June. 3 points above the target.
  • Achieved MTBF 17 hours for June. 5 points above target.
  • Early Shifts Inspection Program has generated 44 minute average of additional potential scoop utilization.
  • 3.33% of real utilization for Scoops generated by improved shift management initiatives.
  • Stablished a 40 min std effective inspections.
  • Achieved 100% lubrication compliance for drills for the first time and 100% for scoops for 3 weeks.
  • Manloading has raised to 77% avg. from 40% before generating 700 MH avg of real executed hours.
  • 100% Pre-PM and Perfect PM compliance for equipment.
FMS Maintenance Management Operating System needed to be enhanced to ensure the right maintenance in the most efficient manner for the most critical mobile equipment (Drills and Scoops).

The Team built and implemented with FSM Diesel mobile Maintenance team, an enhanced Maintenance Management Operating System (MMOS) for Santa Elena unit. Our most important objective includes, implement an improved mobile maintenance operating system that allows to reverse the large amount of reactive work and turn it into preventive work, where the reliability and availability of critical equipment (drilling, lagging and loading) is monitored and ensured. to achieve operational objectives.

Improved MMOS relies on eight support pillars installed for FMS Maintenance process: Performance Management, Early Shift Inspections and Effective Inspection Programs, Bad Actor Management Process, Enhanced Planning Process, Pre-PM and Perfect PM process and Preventive Routines Improvements Program.

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