Constructed and implemented an enhanced Maintenance Management Operating System (MMOS) for FMS Diesel Mobile Maintenance (4)

Bad Actor Equipment ID and Management System

  • MOS
  • Availability
  • MTBF
  • MTTR
  • Performance Management
  • CMMS Data Improvement
  • Effective Inspections
  • Bad Actor Management
  • Shift Change Management
  • Work Management Process (planning)
  • Supply Chain Stockout Alarm System
  • Pre-PM
  • PM Routines
  • 5´s
  • Pit Stop Green Flag System
  • Flexibility Matrix
Driver Goal
  • To improve efficiency, predictability and reliability within the Mobile Maintenance area and equipment.
  • To improve Maintenance planning and operational effectiveness.
  • The delivery of the training and coaching required to enable the changes in behavior needed to ensure the sustainability of the operational improvements.
Up to Week 16
  • Achieved Short range drilling availability to 93% for June. 9 points above the target, and long range drilling availability to 87% for June. 3 points above the target.
  • Achieved MTBF 17 hours for June. 5 points above target.
  • Early Shifts Inspection Program has generated 44 minute average of additional potential scoop utilization.
  • 3.33% of real utilization for Scoops generated by improved shift management initiatives.
  • Stablished a 40 min std effective inspections.
  • Achieved 100% lubrication compliance for drills for the first time and 100% for scoops for 3 weeks.
  • Manloading has raised to 77% avg. from 40% before generating 700 MH avg of real executed hours.
  • 100% Pre-PM and Perfect PM compliance for equipment.
While about 44% of the reported work orders were reactive, a big amount of unplanned work was completed without the creation of a work order. Incomplete Work Order Requests (Avisos) without including parameters such as: Object Part, Failure Symptom and Root Cause led into a lack of accurate information impeded precise RCA, and reliable managed weekly prioritized work at an equipment level.
Solution Approach
A new potential failure identification system has been established, with more Work Requests than before, resulting in more reliable Pareto study. We have called this system the Bad Actors Identification and Management System. The identification of the bad actors goes hand in hand with the identification of the Diagnose Elements (Part Object, Symptoms and Causes), in order to obtain from SAP focused and directed relevant work for mobile equipment.
Actions Taken
  • Proper Portal training to operations and Maintenance in order to ensure Work Requests quality and better information for pareto development.
  • Introduced 4 week rolling Pareto Study based on Work Requests to be able to identify the focused equipment and repetitive failure systems for the next 10 days, according to the plan cycle.
  • Developed improved drills checklists (SOLO and Stopemate)
  • Training for the use of the improved drills checklist was conducted by Operations trainer to operators for better quality failure reporting.
  • Training for the use of the portal was conducted by Mr. Jaziel Pérez for better quality Work Requests.
  • The pareto study will be the base for better planning
  • By June, the preventive maintenance plan was loaded with fewer Work Requests for some scoops.
  • An increase in their reliability is reflected because they are the ones that received the most attention and with more detail in previous weeks according to the Bad Actors Identification analysis. Their notices are linked to quality pre-inspections (Pre-PM) directly connected to supervisors.
  • As of June, ST05 has an availability of 85% above the goal of the goal (84%), which shows and confirms an increase in its reliability. (79% average).
  • For this same period, there was a 16-hour corrective maintenance plan for ST04 with pre-inspections and regular services of 125 Hr / 250Hr.
  • For ST07 with pre-inspections and regular services of 125 Hr with 23 work orders during June and a part of July for corrective, positively impacting reliability.
  • For week 27 ST04 has an availability of 91% and ST07 of 95% above the goal of the goal (84%), which shows and confirms an increase in its reliability. (93% average).
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