Constructed and implemented an enhanced Maintenance Management Operating System (MMOS) for FMS Diesel Mobile Maintenance (2)

Performance Management focused in improving data entry and better information flow

  • MOS
  • Availability
  • MTBF
  • MTTR
  • Performance Management
  • CMMS Data Improvement
  • Effective Inspections
  • Bad Actor Management
  • Shift Change Management
  • Work Management Process (planning)
  • Supply Chain Stockout Alarm System
  • Pre-PM
  • PM Routines
  • 5´s
  • Pit Stop Green Flag System
  • Flexibility Matrix
Driver Goal
  • To improve efficiency, predictability and reliability within the Mobile Maintenance area and equipment.
  • To improve Maintenance planning and operational effectiveness.
  • The delivery of the training and coaching required to enable the changes in behavior needed to ensure the sustainability of the operational improvements.
Up to Week 16
  • Achieved Short range drilling availability to 93% for June. 9 points above the target, and long range drilling availability to 87% for June. 3 points above the target.
  • Achieved MTBF 17 hours for June. 5 points above target.
  • Early Shifts Inspection Program has generated 44 minute average of additional potential scoop utilization.
  • 3.33% of real utilization for Scoops generated by improved shift management initiatives.
  • Stablished a 40 min std effective inspections.
  • Achieved 100% lubrication compliance for drills for the first time and 100% for scoops for 3 weeks.
  • Manloading has raised to 77% avg. from 40% before generating 700 MH avg of real executed hours.
  • 100% Pre-PM and Perfect PM compliance for equipment.
Visual management did not drive performance to targets between supervisors during the Shift Change Meeting and did not give feedback using variance management practice during the periodic daily dialogues held during the toolbox meeting.
Solution Approach
Visual Management and Performance Dialogues changed into a very different scheme with the following three key practices: visual management of key metrics, Performance Dialogues and Problem Solving.
Actions Taken
Visual Management and Performance Dialogues changed in to a very different scheme with the following features:
  • Developed an improved Visual Board with physical availability, pending activities, urgent actions, Plan vs Actual Availability and jobs on hold due to parts.
  • Introduced effective Meetings with agenda between supervisors as structured problem solving sessions to systematically improve issues identified on previous shift using the board.
  • Current Board integrates the Short Interval Control (SIC) Tool for work progress control and direct supervision.
  • Enhanced toolbox meeting with focused assignments of Work Orders discussing safety and operational issues to sustain improvements per equipment and eliminate barriers.
  • New installed Visual Management has contributed to reinforce the culture of routinely discuss improvement opportunities as a normal way of “doing business”.
  • Visual Management helps the coordinated with Planning department to define priorities based on the weekly and operations requirements.
  • The action log is part of the board design for work prioritization.
  • One of the more important benefits is the contribution to a better more accurate downtime registration for Availability and Reliability KPIs calculation purposes.
  • Developed an optimized effective supervision process to achieve target focusing the first 120 minutes of each shift to check for quantity and quality of the jobs being performed.
  • Improved hand-off process to ensure work-in-progress continued from shift to shift and crew to crew.
  • Refined the Communicator Handover process to address safety, current mining stats against shift requirements, and any issues that might impact the oncoming crew.
  • Performance Management actions include the integrated report with a better information flow and less time taken from planners.

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