Increasing Copper Recovery (%)

A goal accomplished by installing daily operational routines reinforced by the use of supervisor´s SIC

  • Short Interval Control
  • Operational SOP´s improvement
  • KPI´s development
Driver Goal
  • To achieve 95% average of Copper Recovery.
  • Plant: Copper Recovery increased in 0.37% from 94.39% to 94.76% and ramping up with 1.42% grade.
  • Taking this increased percentage, savings projections were estimated in $241.5k / yr. which represents a 0.32% of the annual copper value @ 95% recovery.
New Challenges faced after an slight recovery decay
On May, achieved a big step forward on copper recovery due to technical improvements combined with the Reagents Consumption System for Management . Coming from.74% to .37% slight decrease from June to July due to technical challenges with the new ore composition that is entering to the plant.
Solution Approach
The plant has been in a constant effort to make changes regarding their laboratory researches and modifying technical parameters. Likewise, the management process controlling the recovery process has been upgraded by working with the people and their behaviour. Leveraging client´s flexibility in developing new chemical schemes, adapting floor decision trees, the learning curve will happen faster allowing optimal response when ore sudden changes happen.

"Our Technical improvements have been supported with a better operational control reflected on people´s behavior. Metallurgic Laboratory Leader."

“The team has helped us to put a consistent management system in place with more sense of urgency of the people, which with our technical improvements has allow us to ramp-up our own recovery performance.“
Plant Manager.

Actions Taken
  • Improved attainment delivery of samples, reducing frequency gap from 2 to 1.5 hours.
  • Leveraged operators compliance in cells cleaning routines (more frequent).
  • Cells breakdown reported with more sense of urgency.
  • Any chemical flotation anomaly reported real time to take action.
  • Developed Control Room supervisor routine to support operational control.
  • Conducted parameters use training to increase sense of urgency of the people.
  • Updated Flotation Macro Decision Tree, Specific Decision Tree based on new chemical scheme based on mine ore.
  • Developed a daily Courier availability calculation and reporting system.
  • New Schedule for Courier Calibration introduced.
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